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Data for Entrepreneurs

5 Aug 2024 - 30 Sep 2024

£349 Enrol

Full course description

Discover how data can bring your world-changing ideas to life with Data for Entrepreneurs. 

Data for Entrepreneurs was developed by The Data Lab in collaboration with a diverse group of industry experts. This course is your gateway to unlocking the true potential of data and learning the foundational skills crucial for entrepreneurial success.  

You may have taken the first steps in establishing your business or are facing challenges in scaling and refining your operations. Data for Entrepreneurs will equip you with the skills to navigate data effectively and provide the practical resources to enhance your knowledge and efficiency.  

With insights curated by industry leaders, our course empowers you to harness the power of data from the very inception of your business. You’ll hear practical knowledge and experiences shared by those who have successfully navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship using data as their compass. From customer insights to market trends, your success starts with mastering the art of data. 

Who is this course for?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Individuals in the early stages of starting their own business
  • Those seeking to foster an entrepreneurial spirit within a large organisation
  • Established business owners facing challenges that data can help solve

What will you learn? 

  • Identify the areas in your business that can be enhanced with data
  • Explore the data you already have and learn how to gather additional data
  • Work with data in an ethical manner
  • Cultivate a data-driven culture
  • Develop an action plan to propel your entrepreneurial journey forward

Course structure

Our courses are not technical and can be done at your own pace. They are guaranteed to have an impact on the way that your business uses AI. These courses have been created specifically for those working in businesses or organisations – which differ from the traditional personal upskilling journey of other courses in this realm.

Course date

Enrolment for our summer cohort opens 8 July 2024. Join the waitlist now! 



Completion requirements

Earn your badge by completing all modules and reflecting on the course workbook


Module 1: Introduction

  • Data and data-driven approaches to start-ups  
  • What is entrepreneurship?  
  • Who is an entrepreneur?  
  • Harnessing an entrepreneurial mindset  
  • Using data to solve problems and drive business success 
  • Business improvements  
  • The challenges of entrepreneurship

Module 2: Data

  • Understanding quantitative and qualitative data  
  • Data classification  
  • Where does data come from?  
  • How can data impact business outcomes?

Module 3: Data Ethics 

  • The downside of data  
  • The ethics of data usage  
  • The risks and benefits of using data  
  • Ethical behaviours and the importance of being ethical  
  • Data protection and GDPR  
  • The dangers of inaccurate or incomplete data  
  • Survivorship bias  
  • The technical challenges of using data

Module 4: Application  

  • Business data and implementation  
  • Business vision and objective mapping  
  • How to track progress  
  • How to harness automation for business success 
  • Understanding the customer data journey and decision methodology  
  • How to build a robust data culture  
  • Creating your data strategy

Module 5: Strategy and Planning  

  • Creating a data-driven business plan  
  • Opportunity mapping  
  • Locating and analysing your data  
  • Creating your budget  
  • How to prioritise and deliver your strategy effectively

Module 5: Conclusion

  • Course summary  
  • The confidence to take the next steps  
  • Harnessing your network 

Term enrolment dates 2024/2025

Summer 2024

Enrolment open 8th July – 12th August for summer cohort (5th August – 30th September)

Autumn 2024

Enrolment open 7th October – 11th November for autumn cohort (4th November 2024 – 13th January 2025)

Winter 2025

Enrolment open 8th December 2024 – 10th February 2025 for winter cohort (3rd February 2025 – 31st March 2025)

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